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Subject: Support Each Other

Written By: Daunte Lapree Carter on 04/27/10 at 6:43 am

I just want to offer a little constructive criticism for the parody writers on here.  I think it would be a hell of a lot better, meaning this site if people would support each other better. If you look in the comments section of this site, I am just about the only person who have commented on other people's stuff. It's sad that nobody understands the importance of a social network. This is an on line sort-of-speak collaboration network, and we need to be a little more supportive in the comments' section. Also, I would appreciate it if this site would allow its members to upload videos directly to it instead of us only being able to post the link to the video. Just like the website called, "" their members can post videos directly on the site instead of only being able to post a link to the video. This site should be the same way. If money is an issue, as though it has always been, then I am willing to donate money to make this a better site. I appreciate the fact that I can come here and post my parodies for free, but I'd also like to see more features so that this site would be more appealing to the visitors. I've even went the extra mile of advertising this site to my friends. So, let's be a little more goal-oriented as far as making this a better site and being supportive in the comments section. Thanks. I'd appreciate everyone's participation.

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