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Subject: Meet the Parents (Not the Movie)

Written By: Fellow Traveller on 12/29/07 at 6:57 am

  What did the folks think about you when your girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/husband dragged your scruffy, loser kiester before them for a good scrutinizing..?

  I'll post after work.  I wanted to get this one in before I forgot...

  Later, guys..!  :)

Subject: Re: Meet the Parents (Not the Movie)

Written By: CatwomanofV on 12/29/07 at 12:59 pm

Meeting the parents/family is always scary. Not only did I have to contend with meeting the parents-I also had to contend with meeting the kids-which I think was scarier. I met the two youngest first-on a day sail. The youngest (who was about 11 at the time) snuggled with me which surprised me. I met the oldest on a trip to Maine where she was living with her ex at the time. I thought it went ok-but still wasn't too sure. The second to the oldest, I met last and she was the hardest to crack. She had been her mother's confidant as Carlos & her were breaking up and she was under the impression that I was the cause of the break-up. (For the record, Carlos' ex kicked him out BEFORE he asked me out.) It took her years (and a kid of her own) to realize that I was not the enemy.

As for the parents, I never did meet his mother. She passed away before I had a chance to. I talked to his dad a few times on the phone before meeting him and he sounded so delightful. When we finally met, it was basically instant family. His sister was the same way. The first time I talked to her on the phone (I was a bit tipsy) and told her that I was madly and passionately in love with her brother. Her response? "I approve". She didn't even know me before giving me her seal of approval.

Yeah, I married into a WONDERFUL family. Now, how my family responded to Carlos (or how Carlos responded to my family)? Maybe I should let Carlos answer that one.  :-\


Subject: Re: Meet the Parents (Not the Movie)

Written By: Fellow Traveller on 12/30/07 at 2:02 pm

  Guilty until proven innocent, huh Cat..?  Glad all finally went well...

  The fist time I met my ex's father, John, just before we entered the house, she tells me, "Say something about the 49ers..."  I assumed she meant "something good" about them.  Then she says, "If my dad asks you to smoke a joint with him, do it.  He only smokes with friends, so if you do then you're cool..." or something to that effect...

  I came to like John.  I admired him very much, actually.  Her parents, John and Debbie, were some of the most cool and laid back people I've known.  So, there we sat - John, with his long hair and business suit (imagine a little-older, little heavier Dave Grohl), reclining on the sofa, me sitting next to him on the recliner and Chris and her mom sitting quietly on the loveseat.  They were watching us.  John's aim was to get me stoned and then hit me with a serious man-to-man about what the hell I thought I was doing and how in the world I was going to provide for their daughter and future grandchild.  He knew if I was blasted I'd open up as my defences would be compromised.  I was a young chump up against a professional stoner with a degree in psychology and a home field advantage...

  I gotta say, the guy really knew what he was doing and worked me pretty good.  He was sizing me up...

Subject: Re: Meet the Parents (Not the Movie)

Written By: Sugar Kane on 01/05/08 at 9:41 pm

Too many to mention :-[

For real now,i usually get along with the dad and the mom i win over with food! Life learned lesson:you can cook,you always win!

And of course...there were times i liked his family more than i liked him lol

Subject: Re: Meet the Parents (Not the Movie)

Written By: Poisoned Eros on 01/07/08 at 6:27 pm

I usually didn't meet the parents of my girlfriends.  They no longer lived with their parents and we broke up before it was time to get the families acquainted.  The times I did meet the parents, I got along fine because I appeared clean-cut and gentlemanly. 

Jacqueline's mother and grandparents were relieved I wasn't a motorcycle-riding hippie.  Ellen's parents were fond of me...but then Ellen was not, so that was that.  Jillian still lived with her mother in her thirties, but her mother was disabled and Jillian took care of her, so even if she had a problem with it, she would not have been able to say much about loud sex in the house!  Cheryl's strict Catholic parents were disappointed Cheryl dropped the BMW-driving MBA candidate for a bum like me, but they didn't know their daughter like I did; they didn't know she was a sex-crazed bipolar case; furthermore, after I saved Chery's life, their opinion of me changed.  Kelly's mother was nonjudgmental and enjoyed my company during the vacation I spent at their place down in PA.  More uptight parents would not have liked their daughter, a college senior, dating  goth-y kid who was still a senior in HS. 

The others were too short-term to meet the parents.  I met few fathers because most of the parents were divorced and the fathers either lived hundreds of miles away, or mother and daughter were estranged from them. 

I only introduced my mother to a few of my girlfriends.  My issues with my family are such that I prefer to keep as much of my life out of their sight as possible.  My father never met any of my girlfriends and when and if I start dating again, he never will.  Talk about "Meet the Parents"!  My brother told me the first time dad met his fiance, he picked several arguments with her and tried to corner her with his cruel manner of semi-logic.  It didn't work, she was too shrewd to fall for his BS, but my brother was still beside himself. 

My mother was quite cordial to my girlfriends, but she always had to pull out the damn family photo albums, like the ones with pictures of me in the bathe when I was three and stuff like that.  Plus she'd tell them stuff about me I would rather not have them know.  Embarrassed the hell out of me!

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