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Subject: Flix & Pix Rules

Written By: jerkoff on 09/10/07 at 9:20 pm

No links to anything illegal (like child porn)

Do not use attachments for pictures with nudity/sex.  Just link to other sites only please.

You can use the image tag if you like, though be aware that most sites prevent off site linking, so it most likely won't work for long if you do.

Subject: Re: Flix & Pix Rules

Written By: Step-chan on 10/12/07 at 4:26 pm

I wanted to ask....

1. Are swimsuit and lingerie images cool?

2. Are anime pics okay?

3. Image tag would be the img brackets?

I just want to be sure for when I start a thread. :)

Subject: Re: Flix & Pix Rules

Written By: Step-chan on 10/18/07 at 12:50 pm

All pic are okay here provided they aren't illegal. If you want to use the img tags, please link an image from a site like imagevenue or Photobucket or something. Linking directly to images on other sites, especially porn, has resulted in many a nastygram being sent to messageboard owners asking for them to be removed, usually for copyright reasons, but also because they suck up their bandwidth.

I'm not concerned really with using image tags for non-porn stuff (like the funny pics thread).


Tagging does steal bandwith from sites, so that's why they would do that. Of course, when it's your own account, it's a different story.

I remember someone went to teamtao(catgirl/catboy image boards, worksafe) and uploaded an avatar for use on another site. He asked to "Please keep this up". Of course, mods told him that he was stealing bandwith doing that and removed the thread.

Then he tried it again, acting like he just wanted to post something.(Didn't fool anyone)

As for the illegal thing, I know I have nothing to worry about. Considering what I posted at the other boards before.(Although it's kinda tricky.. anime images of teens are legal in the US, so is lolicon and shotacon... but I wouldn't post anything like that)

I'll start an anime/cartoon(to allow for all types, keep the thread broad ranged enough for anyone) here within in the next few days.


Edit: Speaking of bandwith, I remember exceeding my bandwith earlier this year on photobucket... I think having too sub albums had something to do it... But I also think others(as well as me) had linked alot of my accounts uploaded stuff.

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